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Arbor Pro Tree Management Co. -Tree trimming and tree removal service

Your Quad City Area Tree Care Professionals

Tree Service - Licensed and Insured - Servicing the Quad cities and surrounding area. Services we provide but not limited to: Trimming. Pruning. Removals. Thinning. Storm clean up. Stump grinding. Gutter Cleaning.


We understand the sentimental value that your trees have to you and always use only the safest and best methods to produce the ultimate results promoting health and vitality for your trees. We will advise you on the species of your tree, also talk about preventative maintenance practices ensuring your tree will thrive the best it can. 

12 Years Of Professional Experience

Tree Removals

Tree Trimmings

Pruning and shaping

Stump Grinding

Lot clearings

Storm Cleanup

Gutter Cleaning

Arbor Pro is a "Notch" above the competition!!!

We know how expensive it can be to hire a tree service so with very reasonable rates we are confident that we can give you the best deal.

Servicing the quad cities! Moline, Rock Island, Davenport, Bettendorf, East Moline, Silvis, Colona, Geneseo, and Milan. Tree Service in Rock Island Tree Service in Moline tree removal service

We Care for Your trees and plants as much as YOU do!

We treat your property like it is our own and every action taken is carefully thought out. Our job, whether it be beautifully reshaping your ornamental plants or removing a declining massive oak, is to leave your yard pristine. You wouldn't even know that we were there! We care of the well being of your woody plants and want to see you smile by the impressive work we do!

Trees are vital assets serving our communities in so many economic and esoteric ways. They are the biggest plants on the planet, emitting oxygen(pretty important right!), storing carbon and providing shelter for our wildlife. Oh, Trees also provide us with materials to shelter ourselves.  As essential providers of valuable environmental services it is important to care for and maintain using proper practices. 

As we know, Trees are essential to life and without them life would be obsolete. In an unfortunate event that a tree becomes a hazard and has to be removed, we believe it is our duty at Arbor Pro Tree Management Co. LLC to give back to our planet. This is why every time every time we remove a tree we plant one! (with property owners wishes of course)


Are you tired off getting on that wobbly ladder to clean those darn leaves out of your gutters?

We thought you might be sick of it! It is not fun and very dangerous. Leave such a nuisance task to us. Have us trim those overhanging branches hovering over your roof and get a FREE gutter cleaning as part of the deal!

Check this video out of Arbor Pro in Action!

See how it looks from my view! This Hickory tree had to be removed for new development purposes. Here is a video of our climber prepping the tree to be safe for removal.

Beneficial information you should to know

Commom diseases trees in illinois can contract?-click on link below

Don't attempt to do the work your self. Hire Arbor pro, your licensed and insured professionals!

Here is a few videos that are what can go wrong if tree care professionals are not hired and homeowners attempt to do this high risk work themselves! 

(View videos at your own discretion, some are mildly graphic!)

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